Tours to Machu Picchu , Salkantay, Choquequirao & The Inca Trail

Our Commitment

Our base in Peru is at our own family Hacienda in the Andes, and in the Galapagos Islands at our family’s boutique beach hotel on Isabela Island We are passionate about the this area of South America and sharing the treasures it holds with our clients. Peru Safari is committed to responsible travel and true sustainability and it is vital to us, that we minimize our impact, and where possible leave behind a positive impression.  Many areas we visit are suffering from multiple threats to the environment. Over decades in the travel industry and sailing the world’s oceans, our team have re-enforced our responsible travel philosophy, and the initiatives we have in place are continually assessed. The association between protecting wildlife/culture and a healthier economy, indicates to both local people and national government alike the importance of conservation.

Leave No Trace

The principles of “Leave No Trace” that Peru Safari subscribes to are:

  • Plan Ahead and Prepare
  • Travel and Stay on Durable Surfaces
  • Dispose of Waste Properly and minimize/eliminate use of plastics
  • Leave What You Find
  • Minimize Campfire Impacts
  • Respect Wildlife
  • Be Considerate of Your Hosts and Other Visitors
  • Respect for Cultural Values
  • Acknowledgement of Customs
  • Responsible use of Natural Resources

Our Environmental Aims.

Our business philosophy is to offer the possibility of visiting these remote destinations while providing a strong and positive influence on local communities and the environment. This means travelling with only a handful of guests and operating environmentally friendly practices on all our tours. By providing truly unique routes, you are able to enjoy and experience these “off the beaten track” locations responsibly, while at the same time benefiting rural communities. Unsurprisingly, all our team have an acute interest and passion for conservation and the rich culture of Peru. Wildlife and Culture, and the need to ensure the long-term protection of both, are an important part of our lives and essential to the success of our company. Clearly there is an obvious need for all of us to ensure that such positive aspects of tourism are developed, and all negative aspects reduced or avoided, by developing a “sustainable” approach to tourism which contributes to the long-term future of a country’s wildlife, people, culture and heritage.

Sustainable Tourism – Our Policy

We are committed to genuine sustainability for our operations in Peru. Travel should be as rewarding for the host community as it is for you the traveller.

  • We are utterly dependent for the success of our business on the indigenous people of the remote communities we visit, and the wildlife & habitats of the region. Lose them, and we lose our business.
  • We minimise environmental impact by exploring in very small groups and, as much as possible, on foot.
  • We promote training and employment of local staff & guides, using local suppliers and assisting in the development of sustainable local businesses
  • We involve local communities wherever possible in our operations, and ensure that they receive a fair share of the benefits
  • We use small independent Lodges and Haciendas that directly benefit the local community through employment and locally sourced materials, and we use local restaurants serving locally sourced fresh produce.
  • We provide opportunities for cultural exchange, where locals and visitors alike can share and learn from each other in an environment of mutual respect.
  • We contribute to the welfare of the host community. This is epitomized in our TARMA SCHOOL program where we invite our travellers bring along & donate unwanted children’s clothing, pens, colouring crayons, paints, books or small financial contributions towards the program (the small Andean community school was established by our family and operated in partnership with our historic Hacienda at Tarma)
  • We keep our clients well-informed on aspects of wildlife management and conservation / historic and cultural preservation in the areas in which we travel.
  • Where possible we fund, and/or develop partnerships with, local communities and/or naturalists, in order to develop low-impact and environmentally friendly tourist facilities in exceptional wildlife areas such as Oxapampa and Chachapoyas
  • It is our aim to encourage and develop a passion for the preservation of the culture, history, and wildlife of Peru and its wild places amongst our customers.
  • We have eliminated the use of single use plastic water bottles / utensils on our expeditions, using instead re-usable stainless drinking water flasks
  • It is our aim to encourage and develop a passion for the culture, history, and wildlife of Peru and its wild places amongst our customers (many of whom are novices, trying this form of holiday for the first time), and the conservation of them.

Sustainable Tourism – Your Policy

Your desire to experience Peru and the Galapagos is not necessarily an environmentally friendly endeavour, unless you take the below suggested steps to help you to travel as a Responsible Tourist, both by minimising the damage caused by your travels and by providing a benefit to the people and wildlife of Peru

Wildlife First

Watch and photograph wildlife with minimum obtrusion, and respect the viewing instructions of your guide. Remember that all wildlife sightings are a bonus; none are guaranteed! The removal of any specimen – whether plant, seed or animal – from its natural environment is not acceptable. A wildlife biased holiday is, first and foremost, an opportunity to experience important wildlife habitats and your visit (through park fees, local employment opportunities, etc.) will be supporting conservation of these habitats.

Respect Others

Remember, our so-called ‘high standards’ have come largely at the expense of our environment. If you cannot accept and enjoy the different standards and cultures of less affluent countries, then this trip is probably not for you. Before travelling, try to read up on history, background, culture, and customs of Peru.  The well prepared tourist is likely to have a fulfilling holiday, with minimal problems and regrets.

Your Accommodation

Wherever possible we use small, locally owned and managed accommodation (ideally locally constructed in a traditional style) serving traditional home-cooked meals with locally sourced produce. Sometimes such accommodation cannot match the multi-national comfort offered by larger hotel chains. However, such smaller hotels do both minimise environmental impact as well as support local communities, and their styles, culture and traditions. In choosing your holiday destination, consider your accommodation in terms of minimising environmental impact.}

Your Local Guide

Please remember to use your local guide and driver to the full. You are paying for them (and perhaps tipping them if they are good); allow them to shine in enthusing about their country. Ask them questions, show your appreciation, and make their job fun. We reticent Brits are not always the best at this; make an effort and you will get value for money from your holiday… and a lifelong friend. Above all, by showing your interest in, and your appreciation of, your host country’s wildlife and natural environment to your guide(s), driver and other local staff, you are actively developing in them a pride, and interest in their environment which bodes well for its future preservation by these local people and, ultimately, their governments.


Be selective. Buy locally made goods only, thus encouraging a pride in traditional culture and crafts and discouraging the import of other goods. Avoid souvenirs sold to the detriment of wildlife and the environment (shells, corals, skins, ivory, hardwood products, etc). Ensure a fair price when bargaining, taking advice from your guide. Bargain hard by all means, to maintain respect, but above all retain a measure of common sense and fairness; remember that, ultimately, it is your salesman’s family that is going to be very much more disadvantaged by a low price

Gratuitous Gifts

Try to donate instead to schools, or local conservation or charitable organisations, details of which we can provide.

Avoid Litter

Don’t leave litter. Consider very carefully what you really need to take on your holiday before you travel and take care to leave at home all unnecessary packaging and wrapping.

Choose Environmentally Friendly Travel Products

Use environmentally friendly shampoos, detergents, etc., and keep them out of the rivers!

Conserve Energy & Water

Conserve energy by turning off lights, air-conditioning, heating, etc. when not required. Minimise your requirement for clean towels, napkins and sheets. In parts of Peru, water is very limited; minimum usage conserves a precious resource.


Leave only friendship behind. Communicate with local people at all times in a friendly manner, and make an effort to learn a few words and phrases of the local language. Accept local foods or drinks when offered them, and indicate to your hosts your interest in, and support for, their wildlife, landscapes and culture to promote their value both to local people .


In virtually every country through which you choose to travel you will find a practice or policy (perhaps several!) which offends you. Peru is no exception. The chances are that they offend us too (talk to us about the discarding of rubbish and plastics on the roadside!); However, we still love Peru and you will too. Remember, there are many local people who share your concerns. They would much rather you visit; to lend them support, to understand more fully the problem, and to then protest more rationally, on your return home to the offending nation’s government, tourist board, embassy, etc.

Your Help and Suggestions are valued.

On returning from your travels, do let us hear your thoughts on any environmental, cultural or economic impacts of the trip that you think we should know about, also of any practices that you observed and considered beneficial, or otherwise. Should you have other ideas that would enhance this code of conduct, we should welcome them.



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