It is possible as I work myself on financial markets. The only difference that Contracts for Difference that they are trading are tax exempt and I have to pay tax on my investments. First and foremost, the broker has added the bank wire transfer option, which might be traditional, but is convenient for many. Deposits via bank transfers are free of cost, but do require at least 5 business days to be processed. There is a minimum limit of $250 for withdrawal via this method and charges of $50 are applicable. You need to ensure that the account is in the same name as the one you use on CoinePro as third party account transfers are not permissible.

  • This is why CoinePro offers different account types that a trader can choose from; depending on which is best suited to their needs and risk-taking level.
  • With a daily trading volume of more than $5 trillion, it is a favorite of traders all around the world.
  • Bad trading services.
  • The first thing that stands out, as it often does with scammer brokers is that it is an offshore broker.
  • Another advantage is the fact that there are no prerequisites or any such criteria to be met in order to become a trader.

They will come up with so many difficult requirements and terms. Even if you neglect the obvious red flags of this broker though, as mentioned above, the accounts are subpar at best. So taking into account that this whole operation is a lie, it is shocking that they didn’t even attempt to wrap it in a more appealing way. The overall services package of the Standard account is described here.


Constant vigilance should be applied at all times when trying to invest in trading platforms. Customers can also choose to use bank transfers to make deposits on the platform and it is completely free whether you’re making deposits or withdrawals. Every payment mode is immediate and there is no waiting period with the exception of bank transfer which could take days depending on the bank from which is being used.

Worst trading signals I have ever used. It is more often than not against the market movement. They have never been good to me when I traded with them.

coinepro review

For some, security is a priority while others are more interested in brokers that offer diverse banking methods. Some brokers only offer limited account options while others may not have a variety in trading assets. Bad company for online trading. They gave me hard time on withdrawals. The accounts at CoinePro almost perfectly follow the shady broker formula.

Account types

It is a fact that trading doesn’t require people to have any experience, prior knowledge and has no age restrictions. You just need to be above 18 and can start trading, which means even students can use their savings to earn some money. There is no need for you to have thousands of dollars; you can get started even with a few hundred. While all of this is certainly beneficial, you should remember that in order to start, you do need the services of a broker.

coinepro review

It easily dominates the trading market where no other trading product comes in competition with it. It helps a country’s economy to grow and directly affects the lifestyle of its citizens. They have been able to enjoy the unmatched experience in an efficient and highly secured manner.

Cryptocoin Stock Exchange

They lie to people and earn by scamming. Don’t believe their offers. They promise heaven and earth but I end up getting nothing. I regret joining this broker. They are rude and very unprofessional. Something seems really wrong with the offers.

Deposits through this method are free but withdrawals attract a small charge. There is also the e-wallet method and this method also attracts a little fee when making withdrawals but no charge is attached to making deposits via e-wallets. There is also a tool that will help you manage risks effectively. This tool helps you set a limit to the amount you can trade with and when to stop trades if you start losing. With this, you can save up some of your funds without losing it all in trades. In addition to this is the various training materials available to guide traders on the different potentials of assets and the right approach to the industry.

They are not skilled in forex trading. Worst trading company to deal with. There is no withdrawal process.

coinepro review

This is not a good broker to deal with, withdrawal is really very slow and customer service are very rude. CoinePro has a dedicated asset page, unlike some other scam brokers. It shows the product categories, containing forex, crypto, commodities, shares, indices, and metals. You can click on each of the categories and see an asset list. That makes for one section of CoinePro’s website that actually shows you what you want to see. In less than a year, they’ve gained so much negative traction that they’ve had to reskin their site to avoid the negative publicity.

The three different account types are Micro account, Standard account, and Premium account. Here are these accounts types briefly explained along with their services packages. If you are not interested in trading cryptocurrency or forex then CoinePro gives you another option that is to trade commodities.

Coinepro Review – A Great Trading Partner

If a broker is not licensed by the regulatory authority in your jurisdiction, that likely means they are unregulated and should be avoided. Always remember to be mindful of the scammers strategy. Anything that is too good to be true is a scam. And so is their offer.

Some brokers try and develop platforms for themselves in order to improve upon the more standard options. Others, however, just use a proprietary coinberry review platform as a shortcut, since it’s much easier to set up. You can already tell that CoinePro, as a scam broker, falls into the second group.

Forex has a vast market, and it is regarded as the most liquid market in the industry. There are several benefits of trading forex on CoinePro. CoinePro makes available for traders both major and minor currency pairs so that traders may have a wide variety of forex trading options. CoinePro also provides traders with resource materials that may enable traders to understand and stay in tune with changes in the financial market. In order to trade with any broker, you have to open an account with them and Coinepro has provided some unique options for their traders to choose from. The purpose of offering these diverse options is to ensure that every trader can find an account that can fulfill their needs in the best possible way.

The major challenge that a trading platform faces is to ensure the security of traders and their financial data. CoinePro, however, has an advanced security system that makes it a reliable and secure trading platform for traders. The outstanding security architecture of CoinePro ensures the safety and protection of traders and their funds. The company claims to use the industry’s first-rate security tools to encrypt your personal data. CoinePro also employs other advanced security measures to protect traders’ profits. The presence of strict security measures prohibits any unauthorized entrance into the system hence all of the traders’ funds remain protected.

Tools and features of the CoinePro trading platform

The availability of these features has helped Coinepro to stand out among the sea of crypto brokers. They have provided every essential that a trader may need when investing in such a volatile instrument. Yet, Coinepro will stand out among the various options because this platform is solely focused on catering to your crypto investment needs. It might be a bit newer than the other brokers in the market, but its dedication to cryptocurrency has enabled it to earn a solid reputation in the market. Plus, the trading conditions and features it has incorporated has made it difficult for any trader to resist signing up with them. Coinepro is committed to accomplish what a trader wishes to accomplish in pursuit of his career to become a successful trader.